Foot Arthritis Doctor Inwood

Foot Arthritis Doctor Inwood

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Arthritis of the Foot in Inwood

Don’t wait to have your arthritis pain healed. At both Associates New York, our foot arthritis doctor in Inwood can treat your arthritic foot and help you feel less pain on a daily basis. Arthritis in the foot can be painful and cause a patient to not want to walk around as much. Our goal is to help you walk better and be more mobile and have better quality of life.

We are affiliated with New York Presbyterian and yarn affiliate of Department of orthopedic surgery at Columbia University Medical Center. We have over 50 years of combined experience Helping our patients feel better with their foot problems. We will diagnose and then treat your foot problem. Some of the surgeries were performed are for hammertoes, bunions, and neuromas. We also handle pain in the ball of the foot. Surgery can also be done for arthritis of the foot and ankle.We also treat diabetic foot ulcers. Diabetic should take care of their feet because they can have infections that can be dangerous and cause problems due to their lack of circulation and feeling in the foot sometimes.

Sometimes patients May over use their foot and sports or other problems May harm the foot or ankle. In this case we treat fractures, ankle sprain tendon injury. If you are suffering from heel pain or plantar Fasciitis call us today. This is the kind of condition that many patients coming for. Many Runners also come through our doors to our foot arthritis doctor and what. They have their tendonitis treated as well as heel pain. We can perform PRP or platelet rich plasma injections to help the runner feel better and get back on their feet. We also treat warts, and grow nails and perform laser surgery for fungal nails.

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