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Inwood Foot Care

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Foot care in Inwood

Here at Foot Associates New York, you’ll be confident in getting the attentive care you need. We have two highly experienced foot specialists who are dedicated to providing results through precise diagnosis, skilled evaluation, and targeted treatment.

Your feet without a doubt take the most stress of any body part. Whenever you’re in motion or simply standing, you’re using them. And because of that, the chances of problems and complications are always higher than desirable. Your heels and ankles are particularly prone. But the issues that our Inwood foot care deals with cover a wide range, including your toes. Certainly, it is perfectly normal to have the occasional temporary bout of aches and pains. So long as they don’t linger and they’re relatively minor, you can probably count on shaking them on your own, possibly with the help of rest and an over-the-counter pain reliever. When the pain is significant, though, and not fleeting, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Inwood foot care. Not all possible concerns are accompanied by pain, of course. Fungal nails are unsightly and present a threat to your health, but they aren’t necessarily painful. Whatever you are experience with your feet, from a wart to an ingrown nail; from a bunion to a hammertoe; and from a sprain to tendinitis, you can be sure that our podiatrist will find the most effective way of addressing it. We are pleased to offer advanced, state-of-the-art solutions, including laser treatments for fungal nails and surgery for bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas, and more, when applicable.

It’s reassuring to know that you have our expert Inwood foot care at your disposal. Treat your feet right and they will do right by you. So reach out to our office right away and let us set up a convenient time for you to come in for an appointment.

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