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Bunion Surgery in Inwood

Inwood Foot Surgery
Inwood Foot Surgery

Bunions can often be treated with orthotics used to relieve the stress on the big toe joint that was responsible for it in the first place. In some cases, though, such as when an orthotic does not produce the desired results, or if the bunion keeps recurring despite your best efforts and those of our podiatrist, you may need bunion surgery. At Foot Associates New York, you can count on it being done with the expert precision and gentle care that we are known for.

Your footwear is closely associated with the formation of bunions. If shoes are putting pressure on the big toe joint, which is common with high heels for one example, then the risk is significant. But any tightness around the toes can be responsible for bunions. Before our Inwood foot surgery is suggested, reasonable attempts will be made to change those factors, as well as to redistribute how your weight lies on that toe joint. In addition to an orthotic, you should also switch to shoes that are roomier and more conducive to comfort. If you do need our Inwood foot surgery, however, the good news is that it is done right here in our office. You don’t have to go to a hospital, and you certainly do not have to stay overnight. This is an outpatient procedure with a high success rate. With special protective shoes, you will be able to walk immediately after the procedure, and in about ten days or so, you’ll most likely be able to go back to wearing your standard footwear.

Set up an appointment by contacting our office. Let our podiatrist examine you and determine if you’re a good candidate for our Inwood foot surgery. Whichever treatment method is applicable, you can look forward to relief from your bunion.

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