Riverdale foot doctor

Riverdale Foot Doctor

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Podiatrist in Riverdale

Riverdale foot doctor
Riverdale foot doctor

If you are looking for an excellent podiatry practice where you will be able to receive foot surgery when necessary, you should visit us at Foot Associates New York. At our practice, you will be able to be seen by our top-notch Riverdale foot doctor; our doctors are Dr. Tzvi Bar-David; Dr. Robert Fridman; and Dr. Stewart Kamen.

While many foot elements can be treated non-surgically, our doctors are able to expertly perform foot surgery when needed. However, our doctors will always want to explore non-surgical treatments, before they recommend foot surgery. Foot surgery can be needed for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons a patient may need foot surgery are: for treatment of a painful bunion; for treatment of a rigid hammertoe; the treatment of a neuroma; to relieve pain in the ball of the foot; and to relieve arthritis pain of the foot and ankle. Oftentimes, if a patient seeks out early treatment, they may be able to avoid needing foot surgery. For example, if you have a bunion, our Riverdale foot doctor will be able to provide you with treatment which hopefully will keep you from needing bunion surgery, since the treatment will be able to keep the bunion from being painful or getting larger. Similarly, if a flexible hammertoe is treated early on with non-surgical treatment, it can often be kept from developing into a rigid hammertoe. A rigid hammertoe will almost always need surgical treatment to be corrected. Should you need surgical treatment, it is good to know that our podiatrists are expert foot surgeons and are known to always provide exemplary care for our patients.

For an appointment to meet with our Riverdale foot doctor for any type of foot problem, including treatment of fractures, ankle sprains, and tendon injuries, as well as many other common foot problems, contact us today.

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