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Some common foot conditions may eventually need foot surgery in order to be corrected. For example, if you have a painful bunion that is left untreated, chances are great that you will eventually need to have some type of bunion surgery in order to obtain relief from bunion pain. If you are in need of foot surgery, and want to find a Riverdale foot doctor who will be able to provide you with excellent treatment, come see us at our practice, Foot Associates New York.

Riverdale Foot Doctor

At Foot Associates New York our doctors are: Dr. Tzyi Bar-David; Dr. Robert Fridman; and Dr. Stuart Kamen. Many patients come to see us because of the excellent reputation of our expert and highly skilled foot surgeons. Our foot surgeons are able to provide surgery for patients suffering from a wide variety of foot problems including; painful bunions; rigid hammertoes; neuromas; pain in the ball of the foot; and arthritis of the foot and ankle. While our podiatrists will never recommend surgery as the first line of treatment, when foot surgery is needed our doctors are able to provide patients with the highest level of care. Our Riverdale foot doctor is always happy to discuss various treatment options with the patient, so that they can together come up with the best course of action to take.

Sometimes foot surgery can be avoided if a condition is caught early. This may be the case with patients who suffer from bunions or hammertoes. In both of these cases, it is wise to see our foot doctor when foot pain first begins. Our doctor may be able to offer a treatment which will not only have your foot feeling better, but will also be able to keep the condition from developing into a more serious state. Many times bunions can be kept from getting larger by providing patients with treatments which will keep pressure off the toe joint. When a patient has a flexible hammertoe she or he should come in and see our foot doctor on a timely basis. If a hammertoe is left untreated, it will eventually turn into a rigid hammertoe, which will need to be corrected by surgery. However, if treatment is provided early on, the hammertoe may not develop into a more serious condition of becoming a rigid hammertoe. When you need to see a Riverdale foot doctor for surgery, or for diagnosis and care, contact our practice today.

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