Yonkers bunion doctor

Yonkers Bunion Doctor

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One of the most common reasons that patients come to see us at our podiatry practice is bunion pain. If you are experiencing bunion pain, our Yonkers bunion doctor can provide you with appropriate treatment so that your feet will be feeling better soon.

When you visit our practice for bunion treatment, you will be seen by an expert Yonkers bunion doctor. Many people believe that bunions are inherited from a parent. However, the truth is that a person will only inherit a specific foot structure that makes it more likely that they will develop bunions. This is why bunions can run in families. Some people have bunions their entire life, and do not seem particularly bothered by them. Other people have very painful bunion conditions. Sometimes a bunion causes problems when arthritis develops in the toe joint. Other times, a bunion can simply become so large that it makes it difficult for a person to buy shoes which fit properly. If you have a small bunion that is not particularly bothersome, there is probably no reason to see our doctor regarding your bunion. However, if your bunions are becoming larger, or are starting to feel painful, you will definitely want to come to our office for treatment. At our office, we offer a both conservative and surgical treatment of bunions. When a patient has a bunion they have a misaligned big toe joint. This toe joint can become swollen and tender, and the toe joint can slant outward while the second toe joints angles back toward the other toes. This makes the base of the foot appear very broad. Conservative treatments of bunions can immediately relieve pain and keep the bunion from becoming worse. These treatments can include prescription orthotics, taping of bunions, and cortisone injections. There are several different surgical ways to remove bunions, as well, which our foot doctor will be happy to discuss with you.

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