Yonkers Bunion Surgery

Yonkers Bunion Surgery

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Foot problems are more common than people might think, and individuals may want certain issues treated for different reasons. For many people, bunions are unsightly but they can also be painful. While some individuals seek to have bunions treated for one reason or the other, many also seek out treatment to deal with both side effects. Here at Foot Associates New York we can help diagnose bunions as well as treat them, offering options like Yonkers bunion surgery if the occasion calls for it.

Bunions are foot deformities that generally occur over time and develop slowly or in relation to certain stressors. Bunions may be genetic but they might also be caused by footwear, repetitive activity and other factors. Bunions can be spurred on by friction and pressure on the joint of the big toe, which is the part of the foot affected by this deformity the most. Over time, the joint of the big toe continues to jut outward from the increased and continual pressure, causing the big toe itself to point inward towards the other toes, potentially jutting into the second toe or overlapping with it. The joint itself may drift outward, widening the foot and creating a pointed appearance. Here at Foot Associates New York we can assess bunions and determine whether Yonkers bunion surgery is needed. Mild cases may only require shoe inserts or physical therapy, or even a simple change in the type of footwear worn regularly. Surgery is only needed in severe cases when nothing else works. In this case, the joint is realigned via surgery to resolve the issue and to help return the foot to its original shape and the toe to its original orientation.

If you have a bunion or are interested in learning more about treating bunions, then our specialists here at Foot Associates New York can help. Call us today to schedule your appointment for Yonkers bunion surgery or treatment.

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